My days go up and down. Vandals are destroying my beautiful city. Our statue to Cristobal Colon (Columbus) was thrown into a lake. If I’ve learned anything from history, it’s that allowing unruly crowds to wantonly destroy property, usually creates serious problems graver than the act of vandalism.

I’m being blamed for things that happened 401 years ago, as if I, or anyone else alive today, for that matter, can change things.

A billionaire Robert Johnson, owner of Black Entertainment Television (BET)wants the descendents of slaves to be paid fourteen trillion dollars in reparations for slavery.. This is an absurd amount of money. The National Debt is around $20 trillion and it has taken about 230 years to accumulate that.

One hundred years ago the victorious Allied Powers put the demand for reparations from Germany in the Treaty of Versailles, ending The Great War,1914-18. The reparations demand set off a destabilizing round of inflation in the Getman Weimar Republic, successor to Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Hohenzollern Dynasty. Ultimately, who benefitted were Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Remember him?

I have to give Mr Johnson money because BET is in my FIOS package. I do not watch BET, don’t care to watch BET, and can’t understand why I have to pay for a channel I don’t watch. So I’m trying to have it removed from my services.

To be fair, there is a lot of stuff on FIOS I don’t watch but have to pay for, same as you.

But why I have to enrich a billionaire whose solution to ameliorate the race issue is to destroy the dollar and the economy is beyond me.

A billionaire. Mind you.

Oh well. Go figure.