As an avid exerciser, I set a goal to work out five days out of every seven, 20 /28 days.

I have a minor issue with a toenail on the great toe of my right foot. Could be fungus. I have thickening and some dried blood in the nail and nail bed. Not pretty. In fact, it’s down right nasty looking.

I scheduled an appointment with a podiatrist for tomorrow, and ten days ago, I realized I would have to (power) walk every day from 17 May to 26 May if I wanted to reach my 20 for 28 target. Usually I like a rest, but the podiatrist might tell me to lay off for awhile if he has to remove and treat the toenail.

Ten workouts in ten days is the challenge I gave myself. I could have made up an excuse to skip a day. It would not make that much difference in the general training schedule, but skipping a day would be a challenge to my commitment.

I finished the whole ten workouts. It was a beautiful day for walking cloudy, breezy with a comfortable temperature, 70° F(21°C).

The ornithological highlight was an Eastern bluebird, with nary a vulture in sight. There were numerous other walkers and bicyclists out today. All in all, a great day

In the long overview, regular walking has meant that my arthritic hip has been far less painful than it has been in years. Walking helps keep the joint lubricated with synovial fluid. Walk. Beats a hip replacement any day. Just remember this, especially if you are under fifty.

Lube. It’s everywhere I need it to be.