Right now, I am watching a black and white travel film of the Algarve region of Portugal from 1938. Kinda quaint. Makes me want to travel through distance and time.

This is a day to do nothing. J is sleeping, has been since about 4:00 AM. J sleeping is par for the course. What can I say?

I had a fitful, unsettled night til I fell asleep about 5:00 AM. I woke up about noon, did my power walk around 1:00 PM. A good walk it was too. Rather than disturbing vultures consuming carrion, today’s wildlife star was a rabbit. I got close enough to the cottontail to notice his spotted coat that would blend perfectly in a wooded environment.

I did some sitting on the porch. Fun. My shower was pleasant. I am suitably lethargic.

This is all for now.