I was laying about, not quite into the whole nap experience, when I decided a bit of a walk might be what I needed. So off I went.

The weather was beautiful, sunny, no humidity, a pleasant breeze and the temperature was around 70°F, (21°C).

I was wavering between walking four or six miles, but opted for six miles. The six mile course goes out from the townhouse community, on the road going past a creek, and a wooded area. Yesterday I saw a mallard pair, duck and drake, swimming in the creek. Today I saw an American goldfinch flying into the woods as I walked down the road. Pretty exciting, in my opinion. Walking a little further, I see a crow chasing a hawk. I guess the hawk was in the crow’s territory.

The bird appearances made for a nice walk. Afterwards, I chatted with our neighbor, sharing walking routes. She asked about my family, my brothers and sister. I guess I should have asked about hers. She is a nice woman, about my younger son’s age.

The big takeaway from this pandemic is how we are all getting to know each other in the community. Now it shouldn’t take a crisis like this to prompt what we should have been doing in the first place. But better late than never.