I decided another day of respite from power walking was indicated today. So I skipped another day.

The anxiety present in the last post, Tired. Worried., are absent this evening. My friend, John A, a scholar of Twentieth Century Cultural History, reminded me that the 1920’s followed the devastating pandemic that was the Spanish Influenza of 1918-19.

The Roaring Twenties featured a business boom, a cultural flowering, and frenzied technological innovation wherein all three trends worked synergistically. There are some worrisome trends, but this country wants to grow.

Now, I have my feet propped up, watching YouTube videos of Renaissance culture and the Russian Orthodox Church. Prior to this I worked rather intensely on meal prep, chicken salad, tuna salad, mango slicing, iced tea making. I was on my feet for a couple of hours and it was tiring.. I am going to drink my decaf coffee and chill.