I know this quarantine will end soon. We cannot sustain ourselves with the program of hyper-borrowing indefinitely..People want to work and the politicians, whether Democratic or Republican, know it. They may not admit it, but they know it.

That said, I had a four mile walk in a fine drizzle  late this afternoon. Just for an hour but it felt great. We had slow cooker chili tonight, perfect for a cool and drizzling evening.

J goes to work after a thirty day quarantine leave tomorrow morning at four AM. Four. A. M. I could be awake when she leaves. Crazy. But they want to get stuff done before the multitudes descend.. Makes sense. I suppose.
My despair of the past post is gone,  replaced with the belief that things will work out. I will receive all that I need and much of what I want. What is my evidence? None really exists. It is just not worth worrying about when or if my desires will be satisfied.