Not the kind I would love to be experiencing, but the post-workout mellowness is nothing to be looked down upon. All the contributing steps were taken, hot shower taken, drank lots of cold water, took 440mg Naproxen. I have the heat on my back, ready to shift the heat to my arthritic hip.

I did another six mile walk. That makes four times at this distance since 30 March. The hip starts out aggravating my gait. I can’t get my stride out easily. I will work on that. But that feeling of the sweat pouring out of my body, the air going deep into my lungs is incomparable.

I have done distance running, swimming, walking since I was fifteen. That’s fifty four years. I can’t say it had been consistent. There have been blank pages in my workout diary, lots of them. Yet the workouts are the best anchors I have ever had. So I keep at it.