Kites are like dreams. They fly in the air, as unfettered thoughts do in our imagination. The person holding the earthbound end of the string is forever a child, seeking altitude for the flimsy construction that is the airborne end. The astronaut and the first grader share this common ground. The kite and the wind don’t care who holds the string.

I ordered a kite the other day on Amazon from a company in Bend, Oregon. The picture on Amazon said it is a Blue Diamond, like the almonds, I guess.

Now the question presents itself, “When shall I/we fly it?” Isolation is one thing; a lone field is needed. Perhaps the playground at Ruby F. Carver. Elementary School would suffice. It would need to be relatively free of other people. But social distancing should be easily accomplished. Have the dry, clear and windy days of Spring completed their visits? Three weeks of April remain. We should be fortunate to have the gift of a breeze.

Next a partner to engage in this frivolity and diversion would be nice. So I asked J.

” I can’t think about that right now. My mind doesn’t work that way.”

Does she relish smothering joy? Shattering dreams?

If not now, when?