I flunked piety yesterday. I did not go to Mass, to have ashes imposed upon my forehead. I find Lent to be a valuable experience. I use it to deepen my faith. I think of the temptations of Christ in the Wilderness. Surrender to the Will of God is the challenge of Lent. But the pomposity of the ashes is filled with emptiness. Where are the transformations of the heart?

Yesterday I picked up a Spring-themed wreath, made by my friend Es. Then I went to AA, visited S, my sponsee. When I returned home, I was tired. I needed sleep. I had a nap.

The day was marked by pots of coffee, a nap, half-hearted attempts to do something. We ended up going to Bone Fish Grill for dinner. I had a tuna steak.

Returning home, I frittered more time away, until I finally went to bed around 10:30. I slept about two hours until body pain awakened me. I came downstairs,, made a pot of coffee, but drank very little of it. I fell asleep in my chair and awoke during a documentary about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. I will go back to bed after I post this.

I listen to J.S. Bach’s St Matthew. Passion during Lent. It is my private act. The musical expression of the drama and suffering of The Crucifixion always sets me to thinking. We use art to express the very dark aspects of the human experience That lesson is not readily grasped.

I can’t stay awake any longer.

Later, dear readers.