C, #2 son, in addition to Asperger’s Syndrome, has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He will challenge pretty much anything one says to him. If I told him the sky is blue on a cloudless, sunny day, he would challenge me.

So when I told him the uneven surface of his front porch represents a trip hazard and he could be held legally liable for bodily injuries in the event of an accident, I get a multiplicity of arguments from him. He just needs to correct the situation. Exhausting.

Now, I am calming down so I can sleep. But these little episodes underscore the absence of emotional nurturing in my life. J is angry with C also. So I get concerned with her upset. I don’t feel cared for.

Just have to suck it up. Then figure out a way to talk to J about this need being met. I say this because when I express my needs, she acts hurt and guilty for her shortcomings, with no change on her part.

Night all.