It isn’t as if most days aren’t all about me. C’mon now. But Sunday was about brunch and visiting with C, yesterday was a doctor visit, shopping, cooking, and writing. So today, I’m not going anywhere, except a meeting and the Y. And I will sit, maybe write, fix homemade macaroni and cheese, and do nothing more strenuous than that stuff.

I was particularly pleased with the eye round I fixed last night.   Dinner was well-received. Today, who knows what I will fix. I did buy a two pound bag of Brussels sprouts. They taste great sauteed. Maybe with some roasted chicken breasts and brown rice.

More later.


It is 0614. I hear the train horn for Amtrak #86, Northbound, all the way To New York City. The lights are a geometric kaleidoscope on the Virtual Railfan camera lens. More rain. Stay in.

J is taking her shower. Will she work longer than the hours for which she is scheduled? Who knows?

I decided a roast chicken is a good dinner choice with stuffing and mashed potstoes. Maybe buy some dinner rolls. I

I need a good massage.