I swam today too. 1750 metres, over 1 minute faster than yesterday. The water was noticeably colder. The cooler temperature felt pretty good actually.

J worked til 3:30 today. Then we had our nachos with pulled pork barbeque at our barbeque place. After deciding to skip Mass tonight and go tomorrow a time slot was created for swimming. It all worked out.

I did some personal grooming chores I had not done in a while, specifically trimmed my nails carefully and buffed them. I cleaned up pretty good today.

C #2 son decided to call while he was grocery shopping , to ask questions about every other item on his list.

“What is the difference between beef consomme´, beef stock, and beef broth?”

“What kind of beans should I use in my chili?”

So it is a little frustrating, but he is my son. I would rather talk him through grocery shopping that visit him at a drug rehabilitation centre. That is the reality for a lot of parents these days.

Tomorrow is the Edward Hopper exhibition at VMFA, then brunch with C at Indianfields Tavern . Mass will be the annoying Mass with guitars at 5:00 PM.

I have an idea for an erotic story. Stay tuned.