C took us for brunch at Indianfields Tavern on Rte 5, roughly midway between Richmond and Williamsburg. There is a very nice bike trail running along Rte 5 linking the colonial capital, Williamsburg, with the modern capital, Richmond. The tavern is a converted farmhouse in an area that is one of the oldest continuously settled areas in English speaking North America, 400 years .(St Augustine FL Santa Fe NM, both originally Spanish sites, are older).

The tavern serves a nice brunch in a very friendly atmosphere. There is a comfortable decor, not at all stuffy.

The food is great. I had a hash bowl with shredded pork, hash browns and a poached egg. J had the old stand by, bacon and eggs. Chad had eggs Benedict. All of it was typical brunch fare, consistent with the ambience of a lazy Sunday in late Winter, bearing the promise of Spring. They make their own ice cream. How can anything go wrong?

C likes the place a lot. We had not been in a while. We reminded ourselves to return when the weather is warmer. There is plenty of seating for al fresco dining

C gave us a house tour of his new home. It is a classic Fifties rancher. He has a cool baby blue (think Carolina Tar Heel blue) tile bathroom with matching fixtures. True Fifties quaint, if you are into that Midcentury look. He has vintage kitchen cabinets, lots of hardwood floors. There is much potential. I think his community is next for a degree of gentrification, older homes, with good prices. There is a new high school under construction, replacing an older building.

However, I digress a bit. J had a good time, once she was sure nothing would go awry. I was too tired for Mass this afternoon. She is there now. I may recline some more.

Life is good.