J is taking a work associate to his second job. I have been up about two hours. I am fixing chili for lunch, along with corn bread. J should be home around One PM and lunch should be ready

I’m re-reading the Beauty Trilogy. The first one is better than I remember it being. I’m looking at the books as more than just Jerk Off Fodder, considering more how Beauty and the other slaves think. I’m looking at the whole Dominance/submission dynamic in the stories. But to be honest, the stories still turn me on.

(It will come as no surprise to you, dear readers, that my kinkiness is still a secret in our relationship. I still don’t feel safe sharing all about me with J).

I just finished lunch w J home earlier than usual. I had lunch more or less ready in order to circumvent the need to go out for lunch. The chili and corn bread were well-received, perfect for a lazy and rainy day.

Going to the Y in a short while. I have a couple more things to do, but the Y comes first.