I was asleep, a Seinfeld DVD was playing. I had fallen asleep during the first episode on the disc and I awoke during the last. The time was about 1:30 AM.

I went to urinate, then chose to go into the other bedroom. I read a couple of Word Press posts. By then I was wide awake and came downstairs. I made a pot of decaf. I’m sitting in my chair, wondering why I decided to stay up.The only reason I can think of is that my thoughts are keeping me up. Sometimes I get dressed because I don’t like feeling vulnerable.

When I was at VMFA, getting tickets for the Edward Hopper Exhibition, I decided to go look a t their exhibition of Medieval Art. There is a rather unsettling statue of St Denis, holding his decapitated head. Gruesome. Next visit I will post some pictures from the Sculpture Garden.