They’re together at the Publix.

In the ‘burbs of Richmond, not the hippest place, but right now,

Who cares?

Two lesbians, their daughter, who’s maybe five but still rides in the cart.

The butch one is tall, a champ at androgyny, the shoulder length thinnish hair, John Lennon hippie glasses, fifty years from The Day. The plaid shirt, a drab, but harmonious assemblage in beige and brown.

The femme wears a skirt of paisley with green tones, a sweater, maybe mohair, magenta, maybe too.

The daughter rides in the cart, quietly. Her glasses, little kid glasses, are held on her head with string attached at each temple.

They buy groceries.

What else does one do at Publix?

This is what queer looks like in 2020.