I got on the computer to the Amtrak Reservation System. I encountered some generally frustrating experience with the system, which I shall attribute to my overall ineptitude with websites of this type rather than with any shortcomings in the Amtrak Reservation System proper. Once I was in contact with a real human, the process went very smoothly and I received a reasonably good deal.

We will arrive on Wednesday 25 March, and leave on Saturday 28 March. We plan to do museums, shopping (?), tourist-y things like walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and going to the top of the Empire State Building. Maybe go to Radio City Music Hall. It is before baseball season, I think. And I don’t know if the horses are running at either Belmont Park or Aqueduct.

So there we have it. So far. I’m happy we got this far. I am impressing upon J the importance of advanced booking in hotels, lest we find ourselves in some sort of snake pit.

In matters around the neighbourhood, We ain’t got no water!!!!! This happened this morning. I hope the people working in the hole in the street know what they’re doing, because we would like to flush the toilets some time tonight.