I’ve been watching movies, most of the night, fof the stories, tbe acting, tbe cinematography.

Fados, a film about fado. And Portugal.

Now Dona Flor And Her Two Husbands. Yes Brasil. It is a great story. It features food, beautiful food. It addition to some nudity, it is an epic food porn movie. Food porn to rival Babette’s Feast, the all time best food porn movie of all.

Tonight I am watching the other actors besides Sonia Braga, who is a great actress, but her beauty is almost a distraction. The actor, José Wilker,   who plays Vadinho, the first husband, plays the a**hole that perfectly. I believe he is a real person. This is one of those movies where I think the camera is recording real life.

Since my sleep schedule is all askew, I thought giving up all plans for going to bed early might help. Right now it is 11:15 PM. Eastern Time, North America.  I might watch another movie.