The big news for me is I got five trips to the pool this week and swam 5 miles.

This morning J and I were at Bob Evans for breakfast, totally an uncool place for breakfast, but I love it. People who do actual work for a living eat there.

J says, “After the Holidays, I need to start watching what I eat more carefully.”

“You mean fewer Tate’s Bake Shop Butter Crunch Cookies?” I inquire.

“Yes, for starters.”

“How about every time we have sex, you can have a cookie?” (Let’s see if humour makes any difference.)

(Imaginary smart-was answer on her part) “You mean with each other?”

The day was good. A nap. A swim. The 5:00PM cringe worthy Mass with guitars ( Do you have a light? I need to burn my draft card.) J and I took separate cars so we didn’t have to discuss the doctrinally deficient song Mary, Did You Know?, performed by the theologically challenged musicians, plucking away in their time warp.

But we are home. The rice is cooking. Dinner will be ready soon.