I felt tired today, as if yesterday’s tiredness was held over. I went to AA at 11:00 AM, came home for a nap. J returned from work around 2:30. We went out to eat, Hogshead Cafe´, had bbq nachos, their Hog Nachos. Throughout the day, I keeping worrying about the tiredness that I feel. Is it some dread disease? Then I go swimming, have a good workout and the fatigue is absent after I finish. Go figure.

Maybe I am overdoing it on how much coffee I drink. Seeing if I can get through the night without coffee, regular or decaf, after 6:00 PM.

My greatest fear is that my wife, my family and my friends will stop loving me, especially my wife. So I tell jokes a lot so she will want to keep me around. (Note: When I am serious, I am heart attack serious, apocalypse serious.) Middle Ground? You mean there is such a thing?

Right now, I am watching Brazilians at the beach. The Brazilians seem to be happy. I will watch more Brazilians on You Tube, less newsreels from World War Two. See how I feel after about a month, with no war, no Nazis, more partially clothed Brazilian women.

Later This Evening

I went upstairs to watch a DVD with J. She found Season Two of The Andy Griffith Show. Normally, I would listen, not really watch, because of the position of the television in the bedroom. Tonight, the stories just made me sad. I don’t know why.

Right now, after dressing and coming downstairs, I am watching a YouTube video from Cruising The Cut, about the Manchester Ship Canal. More interesting footage of Manchester was enjoyed.

My objective is to get sleepy, think about positive things. Here is a video of a beach in Spain, the Spanish Mediterranean. This should work. Maybe I will try “doing” the beach next summer. I haven’t been to any beach for years.

But the idea is to drive away melancholia tonight. A video of tourism in Albania looks interesting. It is in a foreign language, Swedish. How can I pass this up?