After a typical early morning wakeup, I went back to sleep and slept til nearly noon. Guilt free, because we went to The Vigil Mass last night. And a lovely Mass it was too, with a thoughtful homily from Father John David.

I awoke, made coffee, read a highly erotic blog post from Olivia at Olivia Submits, then painful memoir from Jadescastle at The Chrysanthemum And The Sword.

Now I watch newsreels on YouTube. I am waiting for J to return. We are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our first date. That night, we were to buy a Christmas tree at a big box hardware chain, now defunct, Hechinger’s.

But first we had dinner at The Robin Inn. If you read Patricia Cornwell mysteries, set in Richmond, she mentions the place. The cops do eat there. That night, she had manicotti, I think I had spaghetti. We enjoyed each other’s company. i would call her the next day at her office. There was a second date. And sex. And plans for a life togetber. We were married after seven years of courtship.

And now, on this beautiful Sunday, I am eager for her return.