The joke from Airplane! comes to mind as I just cleared the books, magazines, trash, catalogs and obsolete electronic devices from a chair in my den.

BUT WAIT!!!! There’s More!!!!.

As in a whole house. The idea of doing trash triage is daunting. That somewhere, amidst this crap, is a Very Important Paper  (VIP). I could simply get a bag and start tossing stuff in. Maybe I will.

There are closets of things to give away. Clothes. We have my late father-in-law’s 37″ inch HD television still sitting in the carton in which we repacked it when we emptied his house.

In many ways, this is a classic rant. I have posted on this before. Right now, as I sit, I know there is more to do. The enormity frightens me. The fear is that I will dispose of something meaningful, that I will miss only after I have shredded it or sent it to the recyclers, or the landfill.

I know. This is a High Class Problem.