I am screamingly tired right now. I have been on my feet, more or less continuously for eight hours, doing food prep mostly. I fixed chicken cacciatore for dinner, slicing shallots, garlic, onions, green pepper and mushrooms. Then I sautéd the chicken breast before putting the whole shebang in the slow cooker with some store bought red sauce for five hours. Meanwhile I roasted two chicken breasts for my roasted chicken Waldorf salad . After dinner I made the chicken salad and sliced J’s fruit for her fruit cup.

Add to the mix, a call from C around grocery shopping. I think he just wanted to talk while he walked up and down the aisles. Hey, I’m his Dad and retired. Why not call me. Truth is, it’s perfectly fine with me.

J finally gets home, around 4:00 PM. says she has to be at the store at 4:00 AM tomorrow, and has been in bed ever since, mostly sleeping, except to eat dinner. Cannot much blame her.

That is life around my stretch of Dystopia.