The Sunday Obligation weighed heavily  upon me today. Deciding that Saturday’s 5:30 Vigil Mass was too much for us after our day of motoring, we limited our choices to Sunday’s offering. I slept through the 8:30 Mass. I wanted to go to the 1100 AA meeting at the clubhouse. I was glad I went. I learned a new meaning for the word Salvation. The translators of the King James Bible used salvation to convey the meaning of the Hebrew word “to come home”.

The Advent Season is about awakening. Bach’s prelude “Sleepers Awake“, heard during this season, makes the point. Suddenly the Messiah appears to show us the way home. The Advent Season, is the run up to the Season of The Nativity, The Incarnation.

The last thing human beings want to admit is that they are lost. The husband who won’t ask for directions is one of the classic jokes of the rivalry between the sexes. Within the context of recovery “coming home” involves a second chance at life. For many of us in recovery, this is the literal truth. We were physically dying. The obituaries are daily filled with the names of our friends who don’t make it back to health.

We finally made it to the 5:00 PM Mass. The music at this Mass is mostly sappy and annoying. But I go to Mass for time with Our Lord, present in the consecrated Bread and Wine.

Our modern time is an escape from truth and beauty, that truth and beauty are unknowable and relativistic value judgements. The simple truths are that alcohol and drugs kill. There’s not much relativism to a corpse.