If you read this blog, you will notice I have had a rough patch. I’m climbing back, doing worthwhile things, but I need to re-establish the set of actions that help me and this household the most.

Little victories this week include no eating at restaurants since Sunday. The key is having dinner ready so J can’t suggest going out. I have a dinner planned for tomorrow. Chicken breasts, asparagus, and rutabega, with baked apples for dessert, maybe fresh pineapple with strawberries and bananas instead.

I need to go swimming at tbe same time every day, right after an AA meeting, when I am out and about. Nights after dinner won’t work in the winter when it is cold and dark outside.

I need to eat breakfast every morning, before I do anything else. Staying up in the morning is also key.

Developing interests outside of the house, like photography or writing about Richmond are important. I think a departure from recovery, Church and health/fitness would be well-advised, although I consider those areas to be critical, the basis, for me, of good self-care.

Lastly tonight, I will stop managing my time and making do-able goals unreachable by over-projecting. Just a little more tomorrow is enough.