Slept longer, but I did not. Now I sit, waiting for trains to pass through town, tbe coffee to be ready. The train has passed through town, the coffee ready and I am now watching Porky Pig  cartoons, with politically incorrect racial stereotyping, added to the cheap laughs garnered from Porky’s unfortunate stammer.

One cartoon featured a cockatoo, and I thought of the Gillette parrot who would squawk in early TV commercials “How are ya fixed for blades?” Gillette sponsored the Friday Night Fights.

The Friday Night Fights are on the air!” shouted the tv announcer. They would then commence to have boxing matches. Then, in 1962, about the ssme time Etnie Kovacs died in an auto accident, Emile Griffitb beat Benny “Kid” Paret to a pulp. Paret would later die from the injuries. It seemed like the fights weren’t on the air too much longer after that incident. (I later learned Paret had called Griffith a “faggot and Griffitb took exception to the taunt.”)

They used to sing the National Anthem at the movies during World War Two. I wonder if anybody complained.

I am sleepy again. My big plans for going out and being more productive today now hinge on when I wake up again.

“Night folks”.