When the bolts attaching the gas tank to the vehicle are seized with rust, they must be removed and re-tapped. Hence the fuel pump replacement added even more money to the local economy. Eid, the shop owner, was nice enough to do the safety inspection on J’s car this afternoon, saving us loads of time.

I went swimming tonight after a hiatus that I will attribute to bad attitude more than anything else. I did go. I swam a little over a mile. I feel good emotionally. My arthritic hip is bothering me now, however. Hurts when I put weight on it.

I am watching trains, then going with either cartoons or World War Two documentaries after the Southbound Silver Meteor passes through Ashland. Cartoons, I believe, is the smart choice. Porky Pig is my choice tonight. He is so chubby, pink, and irrepressible.

J has to go to Williamsburg tomorrow to bring more sun tan lotion back.

I’m hungry. Later, folks.