We got the car to the shop. It is the fuel pump. We are replacing it while simultaneously putting $800 into the local economy.

The vehicle will be ready tomorrow. That means I’m not going anywhere tomorrow, which is a blessing, except that means I’m isolating. Not good.

J is almost over whatever ailment she had. On the other hand, I have practically no excess energy.

I feel generally discouraged. But one of my neighbours, also an AA friend, just learned she has lung cancer, which is bad news, but they may have caught it in time. She wants to reconnect in AA, after not going to meetings for a while. She has issues around relationships with people, both men and women, but not sexually related. We shall see how this works out for her.

I just keep plugging, trying to figure out how to connect with my wife, who tries to “deal” with me, responding to what I say. What I don’t tell her is that words come out of my mouth, but I am not saying anything. That all I really want is to feel her naked body next to my naked body and that this naked intimacy is the only time that matters.

We will give that a try.