I slept almost four hours before I awoke at Three AM. It isn’t all that unusual that people awaken and stay awake in the middle of the night. Regular sleep schedules are important for office and factory workers. I am neither.

There will the Northbound Silver Meteor #98 passing through Ashland in about 3 seconds, headed to New York. There are the darkened coaches, the lighted dining cars and those with bedroom accommodations. It rumbles through. No horn sounds, just the bell’s metallic clang. Trains are poetry, each car a stanza. Each passenger has a reason why he or she takes the train that has little to do with efficiency. An airplane is prose, a paragraph in a newspaper article. Those of us who admire the necessarily inefficient find no problem with the train.

I wish I had seen the old Pennsylvania Station, the one demolished in the early Sixties,whose demise sparked the historic architectural preservation movement. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was one of the earliest patrons, one reason why I admire her greatly.

J has a cold coming one, so she said as she left for work. We shall see how she feels later. She has her lunch, though.

It seems autumn days never get darker gradually, but they do. When we notice that it is dark at seven, then six we know that the next solstice is approaching.

No drama today. No hurt feelings. No longing. I will put expectations aside. I will not compare my life against a fictitious standard.

I will accept the love given to me exactly as it comes. My mother would quote a saying by Victor Hugo,”Profound hearts and wise minds accept life as God grants it,” After her stroke had left her aphasic, she could complete that saying, “….as God grants it,” By way of context she could also complete, “Bevis and…” “Butthead.” Good old Mom. Funny the things we miss.