I had plans. First, I went to Mass at 8:30 with my sister and her husband at St Benedict. They are attending St Benedict now. They like the priest, the liturgy, in English, is dignified and reverent. They got tired of the priest at their old parish, who is really good at telling jokes. So good, in fact, he abandoned any real meaningful content in his homilies. This happens. It isn’t stand-up, Father.

After Mass, I came home, ate breakfast, slept. J came home. She had six boxes of sun care products to get to Fed Ex. I went with her. We had another late lunch/early dinner. I came home, slept some more.

Now baseball. Tie game right now. I love watching the Yankees’ middle inning relievers. They are as tough as nails. The Budweiser commercial with Superwoman at the bar, showing the boy bar flies how to shoot pool, throw darts, and arm wrestle, all while holding her bottle of Bud, was just on. Stupid. Annoying. But that’s TV. Americans will put up with all kinds of nonsense to watch a good game.

I did not get to swim today. Bummer. The odd sleep patterns are getting to me. But I’m focusing back into doing what works, diet, swimming, meetings. So working through interruptions, like getting boxes to Fed Ex, the lunch out afterwards I was not expecting, are part of the drill.

Now let’s get this game over.