I went swimming, 2500 meters. I did the distance in 63 minutes: 14 seconds. I felt good swimming, meaning I could have swum farther, had I wanted to.

I am back upstairs with the no TV/YT guideline in place. J falls asleep with the TV on. So I hear it. The comforter is in the dryer. I will put it on the bed when it is dry.

But now it is a quiet time for me. I can think about sex, love, sport, or how I can get more comfortable. On my side works better. Are we just plain over stimulated?

One of the monks at the Abbey passed away. Brother David was 92. He was a cheerful man, with the proverbial twinkle in his eye. His funeral Mass is tomorrow. He had life of poverty, chastity, and obedience that he lived well. We should all be as fortunate, not to be monks or nuns, but to be satisfied with the simplest of things. Unplugged, maybe.