I am upstairs, in the other bedroom, lying down. I had thought about swimming tonight and I probably will go. Right now, I am taking a break. We (I) are laundering all the bed linen and I will wait until the comforter is through the wash before I go to the Y.

I have not watched much television or YouTube today. It’s all propaganda. I need to be informed. Actually, ill-informed is more accurate. The Information Age is actually the Manipulation Age, so you’ll think you need what they want to sell you, whether it’s cars, computers, beer, or tampons. You are a consumer, get it?

Unplugging is maybe the hardest thing any of us will ever do. We think we need to be informed. That means accepting the information offered us by the sources we trust, who may or may not be telling the truth. Walter Cronkite wouldn’t bull-shit us, would he? Only problem is Cronkite ist Tod (is dead).

For me I just needed to stop watching and reading and writing some more. So here I am. I am feeling better already.