I took a week off. The world has not gotten unabsurd. All of the players are still in place. On a positive note, I’m better able to recognize that “It’s not them, it’s me.”, as George from Seinfeld would put it.

I am watching Women’s Cricket, Australia vs. Sri Lanka, in T20I format match. The big difference between the men’s game and the women’s game is that women play the women’s game, while men play the men’s game. Got that? You’ll get the hang of it. The cricket Oval in Sri Lanka is lovely, by the way.

My sleep schedule is still messed up. The lingering hot weather doesn’t help. It should be over by Friday. Still I can hardly wait for the first frost.

Meanwhile, Australia just took a wicket. Sri Lanka has a long ways to go The Aussie women are very good. The Sri Lankan women need to score at a prodigious rate if they are to win.

I could use some sleep. I could use a good cry, also. I could use a good fuck. Of the three, sleep will happen first.

Later, I will share the saga of The Great Suncare Takedown. But not now.