Frank Discussion Of Sexual Topics In Last Paragraphs.

Well I was up early. No surprise there. Then I went back to bed and slept til maybe 7:45. Then I went about doing stuff I had been planning on doing since Wednesday

I started with changing the sheets, taking the old ones off, putting new ones on, laundering the dirty sheets. That job is no big deal. Then came the set of tasks I said I would do Wednesday, shirts, khakis, and neckties to the cleaners, trousers to be hemmed and cuffed, haircut, purchase salmon for tonight, gasoline for the tank.

Mrs Trinh is a sweet Vietnamese lady who runs an alterations shop near the Thrift Shop operated by the Little Sisters Of The Poor. I don’t know how her prices compare with the alteration shop run by the dry cleaners, but I don’t care. I figure she’s gone through enough crap in her life so she has earned and deserves whatever she charges.

Be ready next Friday.”

Thank you, Mrs Trinh.”

Over to the laundry for the clothes. When I’m set up to iron again, I will iron my own shirts and khakis, but for now, Puritan Laundry & Dry Cleaners can do them.

Next stop: haircut. I wanted it short. My stylist and I discuss length. She cut the sides short, for that sidewall look. Then cut the top short with scissors, so I would have something to work with. Was nice

BJ’s came next. I just bought salmon for tonight, and some produce, bananas and mushrooms. I bought my gas there, regular unleaded at $2.189/gal.

During this going about, I realized I forgot the videos due back at the library. Once they were returned, I came home for good put the old mattress cover in the wash, took the clean sheets from the dryer, folded them and put them away.

J came home. I took a nap.

Dinner was poached salmon, a chopped tomato, cucumber and hearts of palm salad in Ken’s Steakhouse Greek Salad Dressing. Nice dinner, fairly light because the heat is creeping back in. Fresh fruit for dessert.

Now I am tired. However Bendita Tentacion, the Mexican lingerie store is on YouTube where the women are modeling the World’s Trashiest Lingerie and showing off some sex toys like vibrators, that look cheap too. (Note to self: learn Spanish). But I love these uninhibited women, having a good old time talking dildoes .

Me with haircut. Smiling this time.