This is what my contribution to recycling looked like this morning. That is roughly two rooms, with more to come.

I had to get up early to get this stuff out when Recycle Man gets here some time around 8:00 AM.

Because of my idiosyncratic sleep habits, I only slept a wee bit, like 3 hours, before I awoke, then stayed awake so I could put the junk at the curb. After that mission was accomplished, I went back to bed, slept two more hours, then got ready to go out with J, who had been running errands.

We had brunch, then went to the thrift shop, grocery store and farm stand. I put a brisket in the slow cooker, with a 7:00 PM finish time. Toward the end I put fresh corn in to roast. I sliced some primo Hanover tomatoes.

Dinner was good. Tomorrow’s lunch is ready for J. I am tired.