When I can swim, cook, read, write, sing, and fuck, it is an even more wonderful world than it already is. That kind of defines being human for me. Yeah, I should mention being in loving relationships, acknowledging the cosmic dimension of Christian Love, and treating all people with compassion and respect, especially when we disagree with them. But if I go into great lengths on that other stuff, I would be morphing this into some syllabus on being Mr. Perfect, which I don’t want to do.

Here is what I have done in life fairly consistently, I find the things that I enjoy doing, are beneficial for me to do, and nurture my soul at the deepest level. Then, once found, I avoid doing them, finding “more important” things to do. Finally when doing the “other stuff” to the neglect of the “important stuff” has wrought maximum unhappiness for my loved ones and me, I declare it is time to get back on track.

The “other stuff” leaves a debris field of dust, clutter, mess. As I clean, I see myself in the new clean, neat Dave Universe, functioning flawlessly. Cleaning accesses my fantasy world. The truth is imagining my self doing the things I enjoy is the first step in doing them.

Go figure.