Yesterday RB, #1 son texts, telling me he is at the ER with acute abdominal pain in the region of his gall bladder. He is 43, prime gall stone age. They kept him for more tests. So I’m going down in a bit to check on him.

He just left his job to explore another career. The stress of travel among other factors, prompted the change.

I had thought about visiting after Mass, but my current state of pain dictates I stay home. Right now the left hip is the most painful site in my old, body. But I’ve learned if I feel good emotionally, a little pain, sometimes even a lot is tolerable. I’m 68, for crying out loud.

Right now, the people at Willow are showing West Indies vs. India, rather than the Ashes. Oh well. If I could remember my password, I could watch on my computer.

This India/WI Test puts an excellent Indian 11 on display. I will give it a look. At least it isn’t raining. Not now, anyway.

These West Indian crickters look like American football players, tall anf muscular. A good athlete is a good athlete. I’m sure some of these chaps could play in the National Football League, given the chance.