Sometimes I have to detach from the pettiness of life, from the need to “win”, from the internal validation of being right.

I’m feeling that right now. I will see posts in my feed from bloggers with whom I’m certain I will disagree. And my comments don’t matter. They don’t care what I think or if I challenge them, they will dig in their heels, ever more inflexible. There is no movement, no real dialogue.

Meanwhile, while I was out on my day excursion yesterday, Australia took a commanding lead in their innings at the first of the Ashes Tests. The English have a target of 398 runs. We shall see what they can do.

When J was getting ready for work around 3;30, I woke up. Not I can’t get back to sleep. The caffeine from the pot of coffee doesn’t help. The cricket commentators are having a technical discussion above my knowledge of and limited grasp of the game. But it’s a sunny day in Birmingham, so it’s not all that important.

I should make the effort to go back to sleep. But I sit here, in awe of this boys’ game that became the glue of Empire.

I could go back over to YouTube, to watch war time newsreels, or trains, or strippers. But the partnership of Jason Roy and Joe Root has my attention, more than newsreels. Or sleep.