That’s all I can think now. I’m watching a John Betjeman documentary on English branch line railways. This is not a documentary movie, per se, but a cinematic poem about trains and a vanishing England. Businesses have to operate at a profit. The profitability had vanished long ago, but the world remained a while longer, filled with charm.

Living in the present time, I understand that the power hungry think the world is theirs to replace. These monsters will destroy what they don’t understand. They will literally hard wire peoples’ brains the better to control them.

The weak will forget their gods and select these plutocrats in their place. They will boast to their wretched techno serfs of their goodness and these once human shadows who have lost their souls will worship them. Tell the slaves that you offer endless pleasure in exchange for their own private thoughts. They will make the exchange. Who wouldn’t?

Who wouldn’t trade drudgery for a vacation?

Who wouldn’t exchange the uncertainty of love for guaranteed ecstasy?

Where will freedom live?

Does anyone know?

What will we lose to find this freedom? Or will it be a loss at all?