About 7:00PM I decided it would be a good idea to take a nap. And it was a great idea at the time. I slept for about ninety minutes.

Now it is 10:39 PM. I am wide awake, watching Family Lapkin pitch a tent on YouTube. Family Lapkin is a show about a young Russian family, husband, wife, young son. They depict their life, which isn’t too different from what young Americans or Brits or Aussies do in their lives. With the sound off you have no idea they are Russian. And we need to target thermonuclear weapons on a couple of twentysomethings pitching a tent?

But I digress. After today’s trip and closeness with J, she wanted to sleep, while watching TV in the process. Not. My. Thing. I did other stuff. Then got tired. Hence the nap.

When I woke up, I fixed her lunch for tomorrow. She may not need a lunch, but I will pack her one. She may work longer than the six hours she is scheduled for. If so, she has to take a lunch break.

I peeled and sliced a peach for her, made her some tuna salad. Should be enough.

The nap was a great idea, but 7:00 PM was too late to do any napping.