My Social Security check was automatically deposited in my checking account about an hour ago. I moved some money around to adjust for money I used as a safety net in case a debit hit my account.

I woke up around 2:00 AM, made some decaf, watched the Ukrainian metal detecting guys.

They found a Roman denarius coin, some Soviet coins, a coin from Tsar Nicholas I, and the metal casing of a fragmentation hand grenade from the World War II. All in one field.

I went to bed earlier last night, slept a little better. J was watching sit coms from the Sixties since I was with her. Some of the were good, particularly Green Acres. I love that shiw.

After the Ukrainian metal detecting guys Crazy Seeker, on You Tube I watched some “conspiracy” shows. They are what they are. There a lot of powerful and rich people who seek to influence public opinion. There are citizen journalists who look into the background of a lot of news stories. They raise good points. Leave it at that.

I quickly saw that a lot of them took the ignored problem of human trafficking and attributed too much of this activity to Jeffrey Epstein. We just don’t know, at this point, all of what Epstein was up to. We probably won’t until the government presents its case at trial.

Then I packed J’s lunch. I’m watching a freight train move through Ashland, with shipping containers stacked 3 high on a flat car. Pretty amazing.

I’m getting sleepy again. All part of the night’s routine for me,

I have some pork marinating in Goya Mojo Criollo, that I will slow cook for dinner. Maybe C (#2 son) can come over. He likes this dish, Cuban Roast Pork.

Later folks.