I had my six month Doctor Visit today, as part of being an Old Man. It went OK. I had to fast beforehand, 8 hours, no big deal. Still it throws my eating regimen out of whack. Usually I eat whenever I want.

Physically I’m doing OK.

Before I went to the Doctor, I went to 8:00 AM Mass at the Benedictine Abbey. The Church there has the world’s worst acoustics. And the priest, if he is not a native English speaker, is often times unintelligible. But I know what he is saying, so it’s not that important I understand every word.

So after the Doctor Visit, I went to AA. That’s another example where showing up is the most important part.

Then J and I had cheeseburgers for lunch. She ordered a salad with blue cheese dressing, too, while I had a bowl of chili. This was at Longhorns. It’s a chain restaurant, I know, but we like the people who work there, especially the server, Lauri, we ask for.

I came home and crashed. I had a nap. Now I am watching a YouTube video from a man who lives on a canal barge in England. Maybe I should try that for awhile, cruising the canals. Seems like right out of Dickens. We have the James River & Kanawha Canal in Richmond, built in the pre-Civil War era. It was intended to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Ohio River and its tributaries. It was a good idea before railroads prevailed in transportation. I wonder if reviving the canal for pleasure craft, or barge tourism has ever been considered. Since it was partially built with slave labour, entrepreneurs would probably have to deal with a reparations issue. That could be a deal breaker.

It is 40°F. (18.3°C) cooler today than it was on Sunday. And rainy. A nice slow drizzle. Seems like I have waited weeks for such a day. Even though we have air conditioning, it much less stressful to have the cooler temperatures.

That’s all folks (Imagine insensitive and politically incorrect Porky Pig stuttering voice).