I can’t sleep. I don’t know why. My head is swirling with images, Roman Polanski, Nixon, just for good measure, Clinton, Pelosi, Trump. They’re all there. It’s not whether I like or dislike any of them. I have some pain, plenty of heartbreak.

J fell off a step stool at work and hit her knee. There is no bruise, or any discoloration. It hurts, but I think she will be OK.

I put in the DVD of the series Civilisation, done by Kenneth Clark on the BBC fifty years ago. I am watching the episode on the High Gothic world, St Francis of Assisi, Dante, and Giotto figure in this episode. There is plenty of beautiful scenery of Tuscany and Umbria, of the cities of Florence, Urbino, Siena.

I don’t know. I need the beauty shown in this episode. Leave it at that.