This tooth deal is bigger than I thought, as my good buddy Olivia pointed out. The actual extraction was OK. The novacaine was a good local anaesthetic. After the extraction comes the course of antibiotic and the pain meds. I didn’t feel the need for hydrocodone after yesterday. I’m taking naproxen now, an NSAID. The antibiotic plays havoc with my intestinal flora, so plenty of yogurt for me.

J’s work schedule compels me to be up when she gets up, although with cricket starting at 530 AM, her early starts dovetail nicely with my latest diversion.

The political scandals here in the States are about to explode. I fear very much that some high profile political figures will be involved in human trafficking and drug smuggling cases. An awful lot of well-intentioned people will discover that their anti-Trump outrage was ginned up to provide cover for the crooks. Just sayin’.

I’m tired. Part of the recovery, I think,