There is the Robert Frost poem, of course. One of my favorite poems by Frost. Then there is the heat and the cold I use to manage the pain and discomfort of the pinched nerve.

Tonight I swam, then showered, shaved, headed home. Now I sit, ice on my shoulder. I am watching The Great Train Robbery, the Michael Crichton film of his novel about a train robbery in Victorian England. When one is as hopeless an Anglophile as I am, this is like a trip to Disneyworld for an eight year old.

The ice feels good. This natural satisfaction is a lovely feeling.

Cricket today, Sri Lanka vs. South Africa. I saw some of it. South Africa has had a disappointing series, but they played well today. It is tempting to assign a value to a team, based on its nation’s history. Never mind apartheid is a thing of the past. The team reflects all of the races, tribes, and creeds of the nation. And I have a story for every other nation in the mix.

Thursday at BJ’s I was talking cricket with Mohammed, the Bangladeshi clerk. He likes India. They are very good. I’m beginning to recognize good play now.

Cricket is fun.

Hope all of y’all are having fun,