Sorta half-asleep. Wishin’ I was some place else. A bed, perhaps.

The sky threatens rain. The clouds are beautiful.

The World is crazy. Or maybe just this country. It is going to take a century to undo the damage done by The Free Speech Movement in Berkeley in 1964 and the Leftists at Columbia in 1968. My latest e-mail from the University of Virginia indicates that the vultures of the Left are not through ripping the flesh from the carcass of academia. A National Collegiate Athletic Association Men’s Division 1 Basketball Championship might keep the grousers, critics and malcontents happy for a little while. And definitely keep them from looking too hard at the cultural Marxists who run Mr Jefferson’s University. The old shell game of bamboozling the rich continues.

Somebody has to do something about the size of government. It will collapse of its own weight.

Stop using terms like bureaucrat to describe government employees. People react to the term and lose sight of what it costs to pay for government. We can’t expect our Senators and Representatives in Virginia to downsize the Federal Government. The government employees and federal contractors keep these guys in office.

Unless that changes, we’re doomed.