It was, on balance, an OK day. I slept, went out for brunch, and the shoulder pain started. The restaurant was way too slow with our orders, but the people-watching was a satisfying diversion.

I came home, watched the women play softball. Good games. Well played Women! Too bad one team had to lose, but that’s sport for you.

I fixed some shrimp for dinner. I bought more strawberries, bananas, heavy cream, the basics of life.

I watched Nicola White of Tideline Art pull the fascinating trash of centuries out of the Thames mud. She is worth her weight in selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s).

Now Chill Bill is telling us all about the coins he found in a plowed field.

No Trump, no Pelosi, no abortions nor guns. Just simple people seeking to understand our world from tiny bits of the past gleaned from the mud and the fields. Maybe if the politicians, established or aspiring, could see that all the treasures of their realms will one day be fair game for some nosy bloke or sheila with a metal detector, when they will be forgotten, they will approach public life with the proper humility.