It is almost 3:00 AM, Eastern time, North America. I am watching a young Aussie exploring a disused rail line, with two steam locomotives on it, abandoned and rusting. This is typical insomniac entertainment for me, watching these explorer chaps.

I did a lot of sleeping yesterday. We went to the 530 Vigil Mass for this Sunday. It is First Holy Communion for the parish children. It is always a Sunday when the 1100 Mass is taken over by the families of the children. Besides J and I like the 530 Mass, starts our Sunday off on the right foot.

Now there is a Japanese newsreel from the World War Two era. The newsreel’s format is similar to Die Deutsche Wochenschau, the propaganda newsreel of the Third Reich, Nazi Germany. There are lots of bombing and shelling depicted,with some homefront stories, all pretty creepy. The war footage shows the Japanese ravaging China, for the most part. Thank God the militarists lost.

I’m getting tired again.