I am watching Oksana and Julia consult with Russian women on brassieres. Brassieres. It is hard to believe that the United States, over nearly seventy-plus years, has been ready to wipe these people, or their parents or their grandparents, off the face of the Earth. It is also hard to believe that Russian government and its predecessors, was and is equally ready to destroy American brassiere shopping women, their children, their husbands and/or lovers, .

Don’t be so naïve to think that the politicians you support, would not authorize the launches that would destroy the world. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. They’re all killers, given the chance.

I’m wondering how a President will do in the opinion polling after a thermonuclear conflagration? Will the guy from Gallup or the NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll knock on the door of your fallout shelter, seeking your opinion?

Would this thermonuclear exchange make you more likely, less likely, to vote for the President in the next election? Or will it have no effect, assuming you haven’t died before Election Day?