(Back To Bed)

Maybe there is hope. The pain woke me up. But it isn’t as bad as even yesterday.. Applying a little Tiger Balm seems to help with it.

I’m a watching some old Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies cartoons on YouTube, stuff that I think ended up in the public domain through some failure of WB (or successor entities) to maintain the copyright. It happens.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. J likes James Avery charms. So I bought her two new ones, a rose to remember her late brother, a Master Gardener, and a cross because she’s Catholic. She got another neck chain to display them as part of the special at Dillard’s. Baby got new bling. She’s happy.

I have almost finished the cup of decaf I fixed in Keurig© machine and the cartoon playing features two cats who are Abbott and Costello knock offs (look them up on IMdB or Wikipedia). It also features what may be the first appearance of Tweety. The cartoon is called A Tale of Two Kitties (get it?).

Now Porky and Daffy are on. Daffy is having a manic episode, no surprise there, and the background is very evocative of Art Deco. Nice. Daffy is now doing a Carmen Miranda schtick. Many of you will need to look her up too. Title of this one Yankee Doodle Daffy.

OK . Bedtime. 2:00 AM.